Don’t Take the Charge of Assault Lightly.  We Don’t! Being found guilty of assault in Maryland can have serious penalties and consequences for your life and family. Here at The Guerami Law Firm, we take your case seriously.  To help you avoid conviction and long-term consequences, you need experienced and competent representation every step along the way. You must consult with an experienced criminal lawyer if you are charged with an assault.

If you are convicted you can be sentenced to significant jail time. First Degree Assault carries up to 25 years in prison and Second Degree Assault carries up to 10 years of prison time.

You need someone at your side that has knowledge of how the system works.  An experienced attorney can advise and guide you toward actions that will reduce the chances of a conviction and minimize the personal and legal consequences for you.

At The Guerami Law Firm our attorneys have handled hundreds of assault cases. A majority of those have NOT resulted in conviction. Our attorneys will help you avoid a conviction for assault and future legal complications.

Make an Appointment With The Guerami Law Firm. Contact us today to speak with an experienced Maryland lawyer regarding an arrest for assault. We offer free consultations that are always confidential.